13 The Beck, Elford, Tamworth, Staffs, B79 7BT
Tel:01827 383315

Monday auctions have now ceased, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.


Welcome to our website. During the summer of 2017 we did a major refurbishment of our main concert room. We can now boast a new stage back drop, new lighting and mirror ball, composite tiled flooring and a new in-house 2500watt PA system. Please come along and see what we have on offer. Visit our Facebook page to check out more photos.

We always have a regularly changing traditional cask ale on as well as Bass Mild, Carling Lager, Stowford Press cider and Worthington Smoothflow Bitter. Our cask ale is backed by The Merry Miner Brewery of North Warwickshire.

Sequence and Line Dancing
every Saturday

Miners Best Bitter - locally brewed

£3 a pint

The Tired Iron Club - monthly meetings Organisers: Jo and Martin Soper

The Tired Iron Club are a group of people with a common interest in vintage tractors, engines and machinery who meet on the first Friday of every month from October through to April, enjoying a range of speakers, entertainment and get togethers. During the rest of the year many member take part in rallying, exhibitions and ploughing matches. They have an organised Road Run every Christmas and summer. When numbers are sufficient they run day trips and short holidays, both in this country and further afield. They enjoy meeting at Elford Club due to the good parking, bar and comfortable seating, together with friendly and helpful staff.

Contacts - Jo - 07790 008616 - Martin - 07828 964385

Scheduled Events

Friday 2ndTired Iron Tractor Club
Friday 7thTired Iron Tractor Club


Closed for now

But available for bookings or any reasonable regular use.


Closed for now


Closed for now

But available for bookings.

Phone Maurice on 01827 383461



Open Mic/Karaoke

We have a Sing-a-round on Wednesday evenings. If you have an instrument of your own bring it with you. For those who would rather sing karaoke we'll have that too. All ages welcome.

Wednesday is also Dominoes night. Our team is in the Mercian Domino League.


Closed for now

But available for bookings.

Phone Maurice on 01827 383461




Our wonderful concert room is available for booking on Friday evenings. Fully-equipped bar of course, can serve till midnight. Cheapest concert room in the village! Also available other evenings ‐ ring Maurice on 01827 383461. Try our snooker table!

Try our full-size snooker table



Sequence and Line Dancing

Top organists help you negotiate our first-class dance floor

Details from Maurice on 01827 383461

The Happening

In 2016, Elford Club's established Northern Soul and Motown night hosted an amazing appearance by the legendary Tommy Hunt. Tommy Hunt has a long established history with the music industry starting with The Flamingoes between 50s and 70s, whose biggest hit was I Only Have Eyes For You, and as a solo act ever since. His most memorable hit was Loving On The Losing Side - a Northern Soul anthem. He has released countless tracks and worked with all of the soul greats, from Chicago to Detroit. Without a doubt Tommy was the biggest Soul Star the club and area has seen for many years. He was supported by DJ Chalky, Tamworth DJ Winkie and guests.
The night was a wonderful success. See images of the night here.

Here is Chalkie's event page

The Club Committee

Chairman: Keith Williamson (co-opted)
Secretary: Helen Newport (co-opted)
Entertainment Secretary: Maurice Harvey
Treasurer: Barry Wright
Ginny Wright
Helen Newport
Alan Newport
John Walters
Malcolom Taylor
Jane Taylor
Mark Harper
Jackie Harper

Tim Gilbert, Aubrey Clarke, Tom McGillicuddy

Elford Soul Club

Formed as tribute to Chalky's long line of Soul events here at Elford club. Elford Soul Club is seen as a well-established event frequented by soulies from near and far. Generally the event has taken place bi-monthly but other issues sometimes defer the event to other dates.